Etch Home Technology Co,. Ltd

Etch Home Technology Co,. Ltd




Etch Home Technology Company. is located in Luzhu District ., Taoyuan City and covers an area of 2000 square meter.  



  Etch Home offers the best etching technique to global customers with dedicate attitude and high-quality service.  Our philosophy is honest, positive, efficient, and be enthusiastic to obtain customer's trust and recognization.  Therefore, we emphasize on meeting the need of customers with accurate quality control. 



  We integrate vertical and horizontal service to provide etch total techique including stamping, adhesive, spray painting, electroplating, electro-deposit and so on.  According to customer required materials and thickness, we make a variety of metal etching , such as stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminum and nickel. 



  To promote business operation and efficient production, we emphasize on discipline, environmental protection.  Under such circumstance, all members collaborate well to create clear office and plant, working out everything efficiently.


Machine and equipment


  The micro-etch process developed by Etch-home uses clean room level lithographic etching line and 2D & 3D high-precision quality control facility aiming to optimize quality as well as precision. Moreover, we integrate the micro-etching process with stamping, ED, plating, PVD for our philosophy of providing the most steady and the best service for our customers.






  We observe Taiwan Government regulation to take effect of water pollution protection and industrial waste treatment which had obtained the formal certification .  Our engineer also get quality control in order to satisfy customer by quality assurance